Friday November 27th 2015

US Bares Responsibility for Flotilla Incident

by Naama Ben-Yaakov

According to a recent report in the World Tribune, IDF soldiers avoided the use of non-lethal riot gear against passengers on a Gaza-bound flotilla last week in order to appease the American administration. Quoting “diplomatic sources,” the paper said that United States President Barack Obama nixed the use of equipment such as tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the flotilla and demanded that Israel “exercise extreme caution and restraint.”

The report further claimed that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak accepted Obama’s demands despite Israeli intelligence reports indicating a possible threat aboard the Mavi Marmara ship, which carried primarily Turkish citizens belonging to the militant IHH organization. Israeli intelligence had known in advance that many of the Turkish passengers were trained in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Israel relayed these assessments to Washington but failed to receive a green light from Obama to use anti-riot gear when confronting the passengers.

Israeli soldiers ultimately boarded the Mavi Marmara with paintball guns and pistols instead of the traditional tear gas and rubber bullets often employed in such situations. The commandos were quickly overpowered by passengers armed with steel clubs and knives. After two soldiers were critically wounded and dragged below deck, one of their comrades opened fire, killing nine passengers and ending the conflict.

The incident resulted in a storm of international condemnation against the State of Israel and fueled a global media attack on Israeli government policies. Speaking to Indy News Israel, Zionist Freedom Alliance activist Benny Katz commented that the flotilla incident was just another clear example that Israel lacks true political independence and needs to stop subjecting its national interests to the dictaes of foreign powers.

“Instead of behaving like an independent country and asserting our national rights,” said Katz, “we try to appease the world and dig our own grave in the process.”

“The Oslo Accords are the best illustration of this. The Western powers demanded that we give territory to Arafat and that we give the PLO guns and let them control education. Our government submitted to these demands and now we have bloodshed, checkpoints and walls that make Israel look far worse then we ever did in the pre-Oslo years. The flotilla incident is just the most recent example of our leaders making Israel’s public image worse by trying to appease foreign leaders and avoid asserting our legitimate rights.”

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