Sunday November 29th 2015

Security Forces Raid Migron Heights

by Sagit Levi

Security forces demolished five homes and two tents early Wednesday morning at the Jewish village of Migron Heights north of Jerusalem.

The village, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in the last couple years, is home to a community of young activists dedicated to resisting the agenda of Western powers in the Middle East.

Security forces aggressively suppressed residents and other protesters attempting to obstruct the demolition and two villagers were reportedly arrested following what has become a routine display of police brutality against resistance activists in Israel’s disputed Samaria and Judea regions.

Dozens of police officers remained on the scene until the bulldozers were finished destroying the homes in order to prevent residents and their supporters from immediately rebuilding the structures.

Migron Heights Is located in close proximity to the Migron community, where three houses are currently under imminent threat of demolition due to a petition brought to Israel’s High Court by the European-funded Peace Now organization. The petition, which charges that the three homes were built on Arab-owned property, was filed without the request, approval or backing from the Arab family Peace Now claims to represent.

Benny Katz of the Semitic Action movement, which works to foster good relations between Jews and Arabs in Samaria and Judea, told Indy News Israel that Peace Now is working under orders from the European Union and no longer even pretends to represent the interests of local Arabs.

“Peace Now is an agent of the West,” said Katz. “They actually incite hatred and violence between Arabs and Jews on the grassroots level and bring both peoples further and further from genuine peace. If they were actually interested in peace they would be trying to bring native populations closer together… I think it should be obvious to everyone today that their true goal is to promote the regional agenda of the capitalist powers seeking to cleanse Judea and Samaria of all ethnic Jews and to establish another puppet Arab state in Israel’s heartland.”

Katz further asserted that pressure from foreign governments and the cowardice of Israel’s leadership are the only reasons security forces attack communities like Migron Heights.

“Kids like these are willing to stand up to the world and clearly say what our political leadership is too scared to say… They actually pose a threat to the international community that they themselves may not be fully aware of. They frighten a lot of very powerful people and have essentially made themselves targets… Under the authority of [Defense Minister] Ehud Barak, our security forces have become an instrument of suppression and oppression against the only sector of Israeli society willing to defy the world and stand strong against Western imperialism in the region.”