Thursday November 26th 2015

Anti-Fayyad Protests Redirected Against Oslo

by Mahmoud Abu Ghosh

Palestinian activists have called for mass demonstrations on Friday to demand an end to the Western-imposed Oslo Accords and other agreements signed between the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government.

The call came as public transportation workers and social activists announced that they have suspended their protests against the high cost of living until Sunday.

A former economist for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Fayyad was appointed by former United States President George W. Bush in June 2007 to lead the PA in advancing Washington’s agenda for the region.

Despite never winning any election or possesses any meaningful political base on the Palestinian street, Fayyad enjoys strong support from Western governments and controls all financial and security matters within the PA.

Some activists said they have come under heavy pressure from PA officials to suspend the protests that swept through the region in the past 10 days.

The activists said that the PA leadership expressed concern that “outside elements” were taking advantage of the protests to incite against PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

PA leaders were also concerned that the protests could plunge the Western-backed PA into anarchy and lawlessness and “benefit the Palestinians’ enemies.”

Although the protests were initially directed only against Fayyad and his government’s economic policies, many activists have also begun demanding the resignation of Abbas and the cancellation of the Oslo Accords.

On Wednesday, an anti-corruption group issued a call for mass demonstrations to demand an end to the Oslo Accords.

Signed by the Coordinating Committees of the Palestinian Revolution Against Corruption and Dependency, a statement published in Ramallah said that the demonstrations would be held under the motto “The Friday of National Dignity.”

The group said that it was also demanding the cancellation of the Paris Protocol, which regulates economic ties between the PA and Israel.

In his weekly radio address to Palestinians, Fayyad renewed his appeal to Arab and Western governments to provide the PA with urgent financial aid to ease the economic hardships.

He said the PA has been suffering over the past two years from a severe financial crisis because of lack of international aid and that the current crisis was the worst since the establishment of the PA in 1994.