Thursday November 26th 2015

Afghan Rebels Hit NATO Base

by Mahmoud Abu Ghosh

Taliban resistance fighters fired four rockets at NATO’s main base in southern of Afghanistan on Thursday, causing minor injuries, according to a US military official. This is the second attack in less than two weeks on Kandahar Air Field, where a large contingent of Western troops currently occupying Afghanistan are based.

Kandahar Air Field is one of the largest military bases in Afghanistan and the principle hub for occupation forces in the country’s south, regularly coming under fire from rebel fighters seeking to free their country from foreign rule. A rocket and a ground attack on the Kandahar base harmed enough people on May 22 to force a security lockdown.

The base is situated at the edge of Kandahar city where US and NATO troops are currently planning an operation aimed at forcing Afghan freedom fighters from the region. The Taliban vowed last month to launch a new campaign of attacks on diplomats, lawmakers and foreign soldiers currently participating in the occupation of their country.

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