Saturday November 28th 2015

6 Homes Demolished in Maale Rehavam

by Eitam Abadi

Government forces arrived Wednesday morning at the Judean village of  Maale Rehavam to demolish a number of family homes.

Roads leading to the area, near Kfar Eldad, were sealed off to prevent anyone from reaching the site and interfering with the demolitions, including neighboring residents.

Forces included hundreds of security personnel, five bulldozers and fifty porters, according to a local source at the scene who spoke with Indy News Israel on condition of anonymity.

The alleged targets of the government forces at the scene are apparently six homes that were allegedly built outside the official boundaries of the village, the source said.

Gush Etzion Regional Council head David Perl appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) to stop the destruction of the homes, saying in a statement the decision was made “for no reason or benefit.”

“The Levi Report, which the government of Israel commissioned, determined that there is no place for the demolition of unorganized communities and that other solutions within the rules of law and justice can be found,” Perl pointed out.

“The government must immediately adopt the report so that we can stop watching the injustice and harm carried out towards local villagers, as is occurring this morning in Maale Rehavam,” he added.

“The Gush Etzion Regional Council will provide all the necessary assistance to help affected residents deal with the unnecessary and harsh destruction.”

Maale Rehavam is an eco-village, focusing efforts on cultivating olive and almond groves, a muscat grape vineyard and an orchard growing thirty-five different fruit varieties.